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TDWG 2017 Annual Conference

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and the Canadian Museum of Nature will host the 2017 Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG) conference in Ottawa, Canada, October 1 - October 6. Use #TDWG17 to stay informed.

Standards for the description and exchange of biodiversity information help promote research, support decision-making for conservation and planning, and provide a means of communicating observations across taxa, sub-disciplines, and political boundaries.

The annual TDWG conference serves two purposes:

  • it is is a forum for extending, refining, and developing standards in response to new challenges and opportunities; and
  • it is a showcase for biodiversity informatics - much of which relies on the specifications provided by TDWG and other standards organizations.

The theme this year is Data Integration in a Big Data Universe: Associating Occurrences with Genes, Phenotypes, and Environments.

Meeting details at https://tdwg.github.io/conferences/2017/

For your convenience, we've highlighted the event session including October 4, 2017.

Event Sessions

Date Time Location
October 01, 2017 All Day Ottawa, Canada
October 02, 2017 All Day Ottawa, Canada
October 03, 2017 All Day Ottawa, Canada
October 04, 2017 All Day Ottawa, Canada
October 05, 2017 All Day Ottawa, Canada
October 06, 2017 All Day Ottawa, Canada